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Orlando Media provides the services of Mike Tomlinson, Creative Director, working with a select team of experienced media professionals.

Mike Tomlinson – Creative Director, Film-maker, Photographer, Writer.
Mike is an accomplished producer, film-maker, photographer and science writer with many years experience in creating content across the full spectrum of digital media.

Mike works regularly with these expert team members:

James Tomalin – Video Producer, Composer.
James Tomalin and his Oxford-based video production company, Oxford Digital Media, regularly work with Orlando Media on video and multimedia projects. They are experts at the video recording and streaming of conferences and live events and have studio and editing facilities in Oxford. James is also a music composer and creates music for film, TV and the web.

Nina Morgan – Science Writer.
Nina Morgan is a science writer, editor and broadcaster who has written for a wide variety of science and technology journals. She is based near Oxford and is a regular member of the Orlando team - where her specialist writing services are complemented by Mike Tomlinson's experience in still photography, video and website production.