What We Do




Production Services

We work with words and images, producing creative content across the whole spectrum of digital media. This allows us to provide flexible solutions to your communications and marketing needs that are particularly cost-effective.

We are experts in:

Video Production. Our background is in factual broadcast television and specialist filming for the BBC and other channels in the UK and abroad. We have produced high-end, large budget productions for audiences of millions as well as low cost video using modern digital cameras for web or small screen display. We understand the medium of the moving image and can use it to engage an audience and communicate effectively, whether on a TV, in a conference hall or on a website. [Examples of video production]

Stills Photography. We have thirty years experience shooting stills for editorial, advertising and corporate clients. We can work to a variety of styles - from atmospheric reportage to art directed photo shoots with high quality lighting. Some projects require both video and still images to cover multiple end uses - we can do both to the highest standards. [Examples of stills photography]

Writing. We specialise in scientific and technical writing, communicating complex subjects clearly to both specialist audiences and the general public. Both Mike Tomlinson and Nina Morgan are members of the Association of British Science Writers. [Examples of writing work]

Design. Our expert designers have a wealth of experience in branding, print and website design. We commonly create design concepts and digital media that can be deployed across different formats and platforms, from building complete websites to printed leaflets, booklets and newsletters. [Examples of websites]