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We offer media solutions to meet your marketing and communication needs. Our approach is flexible but generally follows these lines:

Listen. We need first to establish what you want to achieve. Sometimes the route is clear cut and easily defined. Sometimes we can work with you to establish the most effective way to communicate what you want to say.

Assess. Orlando works with small teams of expert media professionals who are right for your project. If something is 'not for us' (we are a small company and do get busy) we will say so and offer to help you find the right people for the job. We can also provide consultancy to help you specify a project for others to execute and we can project manage a production through all stages to completion.

Overview. The next step is to look at what you already have and see if we can build on existing assets, such as in-house expertise or images or designs that you already own. We also like to plan ahead. We strongly believe in the principle of 'create once, use many times'. Because we work across a whole range of digital media, we can create resources that will work for you on different platforms, such as website, print and exhibition display.

Pre-Production. We will script videos, plan photography and design a project to meet your expectations, your timetable and your available budget.

Production. We insist on achieving maximum production value for you, using our years of experience to produce a top quality result within your budget that achieves your aims.