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Orlando Media is a media production company based near Oxford, UK. It provides the services of Mike Tomlinson, working with freelance designers, journalists and other expert personnel.

Orlando uses extensive film-making experience, coupled with broadcast specification cameras and editing equipment, to produce effective, high quality content at reasonable cost for its clients.

These clients include NHS trusts, national NHS organisations, NHS commissioning support units, medical journals, independent healthcare organisations, universities and commercial companies, particularly those working in medicine, science and technology sectors.

Mike Tomlinson also works as consultant creative director with the Department of Health initiative, NHS Elect, which provides support for NHS Trusts across England.

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Mike Tomlinson

Mike Tomlinson began his media career as writer, director, photographer and lighting cameraman, making films for specialist medical audiences in London and New York.

He went on to make science documentaries for the BBC, Channel Four and WGBH Boston for their Horizon, Equinox and Nova series. A number of these films explored how information technology was leading to social change (e.g. Nova: We Know Where You Live and Horizon: Suggers, Fruggers and Data Muggers). Other films looked at sports science (e.g. QED: Craig's Boot for BBC1 and Peak Performance for ITV) or covered natural history, environmental and medical subjects.

Advances in technology have changed the media industry. New digital equipment means it is possible to make films in more flexible ways and new platforms, such as the internet, have opened up interesting business opportunities. For the past 15 years, Mike has focussed on working with clients, such as the NHS, to develop ways to communicate using digital media.



Mike Tomlinson

Mike Tomlinson




Partners - Oxford Digital Media

Orlando works closely with partner company Oxford Digital Media, especially for larger projects requiring bigger production teams. ODM-Medical is a new initiative aimed at medical and healthcare clients.

Oxford Digital Media, run by James Tomalin, has its own green screen video studio and sound recording, editing and motion graphics facilities. They have experienced in-house camera crews, with aerial drone and hand-held gimbal camera rigs. They are experts at conference recording and web streaming for both small and very large events.

Oxford Digital Media is also a broadcast documentary production company. There are a number of projects in development, some involving history, arts and music subjects, where Mike's long broadcast writing and directing experience combines with James' expert knowledge as a producer and music composer.



Mike Tomlinson and James Tomalin

Mike Tomlinson and James Tomalin making a film on Tudor music at Christ Church, Oxford