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We produce video in the field of arts, music, history and culture, often working with colleagues at Oxford Digital Media.

Some of these projects may have a broadcast audience, while others use the multiple platforms of social media and the internet to reach their audience. The films are often made with universities, museums and academic experts from the UK and abroad.

These are a few examples of our work in this field.




Rediscovering Ancient Greek Music

Fascinating research by academics at Oxford University working with an international team has discovered how the music of ancient Greece sounded. New techniques to reproduce accurately the instruments that were used at the time, such as the twin-piped aulos and the stringed kithera, make it possible to perform classical Greek works in their original form. The film was made with Professor Armand D'Angour from Oxford University.

» Oxford Digital Media video.



Barnaby Brown playing aulos



Performing Tudor music from Christ Church scores

To accompany a Tudor partbooks exhibition at Christ Church, Oxford, the vocal ensemble Magnificat, directed by Philip Cave, performed a number of these works from the time of Elizabeth I.

James Tomalin and Mike Tomlinson made a short video to tell the story behind the exhibition and performance.

» Oxford Digital Media video.